Privacy Statement

What kind of personal information is being collected?

We might, but is not obliged to, collect following information. All personal information mentioned below is considered private and is handled according to this privacy statement.

  1. User personal information: Upon account creation the user is required to fill in his email address and a password. The user can update this information after signing in to his/her account on site. Also any other personal data that visitors enter on website or inside the application might be collected by site.
  2. Visitor personal information: If the user chooses to record form inputs, any personal data his/her visitors might fill in those form inputs is collected by site. User might be legally required to inform visitors that their personal data are being collected by site as a 3rd party.

How do we use Cookie files?

While using temporary files, known as Cookie files, can be stored and processed. By processing cookie files personal information might be collected and linked with the visitor. This personal information is used solely to improve the site services. site respects privacy of its users and visitors and while processing Cookie files we follow the privacy rules of the European Union.

A visitor can prevent collection and storing of Cookie files by turning off Cookies, or browsing the web in Incognito (private) mode, where he/she remains anonymous. This mode is supported in all modern browsers. By doing so, the user acknowledges that site services might not work properly and that use of services can exhibit unexpected behavior.

Account preferences settings – the user of the Online Website can actively and individually decide whether to show other users their partner search criteria as well as the date of birth and their moves on the Website: visits to potential partner profiles and their selection as favorites.

Protection of photographs

Pictures on the Website are made available by users voluntarily and independently. You can open them immediately for all registered users or present only to people who have won your trust during the correspondence. Pictures open to users are presented in a blurred form for unregistered persons. The persons visible on the first page of the Website in the gallery of Faces of expressed a special written consent for presenting their profiles in this form.

Access to data only for authorized employees

Users’ personal data is stored in a special security zone. Access to them is only granted to authorize people working for the Website, who are obliged to keep the obtained information secret.

Encrypting data transfer connections

All connections related to the Users’ registration, login, filling in the Business Card and Test as well as electronic payments is carried out via a secure encrypted connection. Personal data is secured during these operations with the Rapid SSL certificate guaranteeing secure data transfer on the Internet.

Changes of this privacy statement

We reserve the right to change or update this privacy statement without further notice. It is recommended that users check this privacy statement regularly to have the latest information about site privacy policy. An up-to-date version of this privacy statement can always be found on our website