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Nutralu GarciniaReviews on Nutralu Garcinia : Everyone is always looking for the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and the developers of Nutralu Garcinia are ready to offer their impressive supplement. But is it really that impressive? Every few months a new “magic pill” promising weight loss, appetite suppression, and unlimited energy, comes out but is Nutralu Garcinia just another SCAM?

I have taken it upon myself to do some research into the numerous supplements on the market and give a real review of the results as well as what real doctors and medical specialists have to say about it. Below are my findings:

Introduction of Nutralu Garcinia:

The impressive weight loss plan in a bottle, Nutralu Garcinia, claims it will help block fat from forming, will suppress the appetite, increase serotonin, and feel fully energetic and comfortable. All of this is possible through the sole ingredient in the supplement, Caralluma fimbriata. This is a plant, with very little information about where it is found, its history, testing, and general information. Just reading off the official website you won’t get much information aside from how fantastic it is, how the stars use it, and how it will help you lose weight magically. There are no actual facts about the supplement, no ingredients listed, and no real information about what you are actually putting in your body.

The only information you do get is that the supplement Nutralu Garcinia is made in the USA in an ultra modern FDA registered laboratory. However, if you read the small print at the bottom this does not necessarily mean that the actual supplement is FDA tested, approved, and confirmed for effectiveness and safety.

They do however, assure you that it is 100% natural, you get a free trial offer, and that it’s been advertised on the TV show, “The View”. I decided to do some research about this and both on the actual “The View” website, as well as in forums I have yet to actually confirm that to be true.

Ingredients of Nutralu Garcinia:

Good question. Unfortunately there are neither ingredients listed nor an actual explanation of how this magic supplement helps you lose weight, prevent fat from forming, and suppress appetite all the while boosting energy. I have tried to do some research on it and unfortunately all of the websites that I discovered looked like SCAM pages offering the product and trying to sell it rather than honest reviews and real information. Finally, did a quick search for the actual main ingredient (and only one listed) Caralluma fimbriata and this is what I’ve found:

The actual plant is a type of cactus found in India. It grows wild and used generally as a shrub or a decoration around the garden. It can also be found in Saudi Arabia, Africa, Afghanistan, Canary Islands, as well as Southern Europe.

Its history goes back to when the Indians actually chewed the Caralluma fimbriata to prevent hunger during long hunts. The extract of this plant is now marketed to help reduce appetite, boost weight loss, quench thirst, and even increase endurance. However, as great as all this sounds there is insufficient evidence actually confirming its ability to really help someone lose weight. Considering the diet differences and overall amount of exercise we get in comparison to a hunter in India, it’s perfectly understandable that the results will most likely be different. The claims say that if you take pure Caralluma fimbriata extract for 60 days there is a CHANCE that you will reduce waistline, reduce appetite, reduce fat, and overall calorie intake. The medical website also continues to discuss that it does NOT help decrease body mass index (BMI), hip measurements, body fat, or overall weight.

Are There Side Effects?

Generally so far Nutralu Garcinia has shown no serious side effects as long as it is taken as per indicated on the supplement. However, there are no conclusive trials that determine whether it is safe for long-term use. Some possible side effects are intestinal gas, upset stomach, constipation, and pain in the stomach. Usually a week after taking the supplement the side effects may subside.

As with many other supplements it is not recommended to take when pregnant or breast-feeding as there is insufficient information.

Though the supplement does seem generally safe, personally, considering how little it has been tested it is hard to believe the claims. With that said….

My Personal Experience with Nutralu Garcinia:

Of course, for this review to be complete I had to take it upon myself and order a trial bottle of the supplement. Mind you, getting it cancelled was the hard part. I took the supplement for the recommended 60 days as per the medical website that noted that there are claims that it could help me lose weight. The first month I decided not to make any changes in my diet or exercise so I can see if it really is some kind of magic pill. I didn’t see a drastic drop in my weight and didn’t feel all that energetic. Overall the first month I dropped about 4 pounds, which wasn’t necessarily jaw dropping. The second month I added onto the supplement a healthy diet and exercise routine 3 times a week. Though the results did improve at the end of the second month I can’t say I am impressed considering the price I paid for it. With added exercise and healthy diet (my regular diet is pretty bad and my exercise in the past was minimal) I managed to lose about 9-10 pounds which was good, but certainly not great.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Nutralu Garcinia:


  • Comes a natural source
  • No serious side effects
  • Free trial (make sure to read Terms & Conditions)
  • Helped me lose a couple of pounds (which I might have lost even without it considering the changes I made)


  • No list of ingredients, no information about how it works, nothing about the actual supplement except for selling points
  • Really expensive ($49.99-$148 based on the plan you choose)
  • The free offer is hard to understand and it’s easy to miss the deadline to cancel (make sure you read Terms & Conditions…I cannot stress this enough)
  • There is insufficient scientific evidence of its effectiveness


Most likely yes, consider just getting motivated and start eating healthy. Small changes in your lifestyle can actually bring you more results than supplements. I’m not saying take my word for it, go ahead and order, try for yourself, but remember that for there to be actual results you have to put in effort. Don’t believe even for a minute that you will lose weight without dieting or exercise, nothing can guarantee that. You don’t have to start a serious diet or exercise every day for 2 hours, but you definitely have to make a change and you will see results even without the Nutralu Garcinia.

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