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MetaboChoice ForskolinReviews on MetaboChoice Forskolin: With more than half the world being overweight and heavy its perfectly understandable that many people are looking for alternative ways to lose weight fast and MetaboChoice Forskolin claims it can deliver. The latest weight loss supplement advertises that it can offer drastic changes in weight and even energy without any changes to your diet or exercise, but is this “magic pill” real?

I am one of those people looking to lose weight and have been on a mission to find the most suitable supplement to help me achieve my goals. After researching all of the newest supplements on the market promising that you can lose weight, I have still yet to find one that delivers on its promises. Read my review of MetaboChoice Forskolin below and the information I have found on the supplement to decide for yourselves whether it is a Scam or not.

What is MetaboChoice Forskolin?

Starting with a brief introduction about MetaboChoice Forskolin. It is a supplement claiming to help prevent fat from forming and sticking, will suppress appetite, help boost serotonin, and provide added energy all the while making you feel comfortable and confident. This is all claimed to be possible without added exercise or change in diet. The main ingredient as per the official website is extract from the plant Caralluma fimbriata, however you cannot find any information in the official website about the origins of the plant, its other uses, or history. Just a lot of sales pitches about how incredible it is. Unfortunately aside from listing that it’s extract from the plant Caralluma Fimbriata no additional information about the ingredients in the supplement are listed, such as fillers or added chemicals.

Aside from sales pitches the only other information you will find on the official MetaboChoice Forskolin website is that it is made in the USA and developed in the super modern FDA registered laboratory. They do fail to mention however, except for in very small print at the very bottom of the website, that the supplement itself is not FDA approved or tested for safety or effectiveness.

On the other hand their numerous sales pitches include that it is 100% natural, you buy it risk free with a free trial, and how the stars in Hollywood use it to maintain their good looks. They also don’t fail to mention that it has been discussed and glorified in the TV show, “The View”. I decided to check this information and visited the official “The View” website doing a search on previous shows and nothing came up about MetaboChoice Forskolin or the plant Caralluma fimbriata. In addition, there are no honest reviews, comments, or articles about the product, it all looks like paid advertisement trying to hook you into buying.

Ingredients of MetaboChoice Forskolin:

As mentioned above the official website offers little to no information about the ingredients in MetaboChoice Forskolin. There is no actual information about how the supplement works and the chemical process which causes reduced appetite, stops fat from forming, or even improves your mood. I did try to look on other websites offering supplements with Caralluma fimbriata however I had no luck there either. Each is identical in information and offers little to no actual facts which definitely puts up the red flag that this supplement is most likely a SCAM.

In the end I did a search on the actual extract and main ingredient and found this information on a medical website and cross checked it with several others:

The Caralluma fimbriata plant is a cactus which grows wild in India, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Afghanistan, Canary Island, and parts of Southern Europe. It is often used as a decoration in landscaping.

Its first uses were to help Indian hunters fight hunger and boost energy during long hunts. Today the pure extract of the Caralluma fimbriata plant is marketed with claims it can help boost weight loss, reduce appetite, increase endurance, boost mood, and even quench thirst. Though these are all fantastic possibilities they do not take into account the fact that there is a major difference between the way hunters in India lived, what they ate, and the amount of exercise they got in comparison to today’s modern world. Which in turn does make you think about the different results one would get. The medical website goes on to discuss that there are claims that if you take Caralluma fimbriata extract for 60 days you MAY have a reduced appetite, reduced waistline, reduced calorie intake, and reduced fat. On the other hand it does add that it does NOT help decrease the body mass index (BMI), measurements of hips, and reduce overall weight.

Side Effects of MetaboChoice Forskolin:

From all of the websites that I researched there are no signs of side effects from the MetaboChoice Forskolin. On the other hand do keep in mind that there still aren’t any conclusive trials that actually determine whether the supplement is safe for long-term use. There is a list of possible side-effects such as constipation, upset stomach, stomach pains, and intestinal gas however they do mention that they will subside after a week of taking the supplement.

As with many other supplements it is not recommended to take when pregnant or breast-feeding as there is insufficient information.

Remember that if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breast-feeding it is not recommended to take the supplement as there is insufficient information and research done. Though from what I’ve read in the information about the actual plant extract there are no signs of serious side effects, do keep in mind that with every supplement there are fillers and chemicals added to activate it and as these are not listed anywhere it’s hard to determine whether there will or will not be any side effects from this particular supplement.

My Experience of MetaboChoice Forskolin:

Of course for this review to be complete I do have to actually try the supplement myself. I decided to take it for 2 months, where the first month I would make no changes in my current diet and exercise while the second month I would try to improve on it. Since the medical website claims that it is possible to see results after 60 days it needs to be confirmed. During the first month I dropped about 3 pounds, nothing drastic or impressive in any way considering how my weight fluctuates on a regular basis. The second month I took losing weight more seriously and did light exercise every day where 3 times a week it was intense exercise for one hour and a healthy diet. Though there is an improvement in the results for the second month you do start asking yourself whether it was with the help of the supplement or simply because you got up and did something about losing weight. I dropped about 6-7 pounds which was pretty good but certainly not worth the money the supplement is selling for.

What are the Pros and Cons of MetaboChoice Forskolin:


  • There are no known or serious side effects
  • The main ingredient is natural
  • There’s a free trial (don’t overlook the Terms & Conditions)
  • I did see results in my personal experience but definitely not what I expected
  • Ingredients are not listed


  • No information about how the supplement actually works
  • Way too expensive for unimpressive results ($49.99-$148 depending on which plan you select)
  • It is easy to miss your cancellation deadline and get stuck with paying even after you stop taking the supplement as the free trial offer is difficult to understand (don’t forget to read Terms & Conditions)

Not FDA Approved:

  • Insufficient testing for quality and effectiveness
  • Looks like a SCAM

Where to Buy?

If you want to buy this product you can go our official website and from there you can place your order easily, but it is available online only.

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